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Reasons for Paid Social Media Advertising are considered more effective

Here are some reasons why it is more effective to use paid social media advertising at this time. Organic and unpaid social marketing is currently no longer functioning optimally. In contrast, paid social media advertising is the most effective way to reach audiences on the social Web. This fact is evidenced from the results of an online survey conducted on Forrester social marketers in Q1 2014.


Not surprisingly, if more than 80% of marketers spend more on social media used to buy paid social media advertising. The study also said that paid advertising now contributes 83% of its budget to social marketers, because it is difficult to reach users on social platforms without paid advertising.


So, what makes paid social media advertising dominate in the future? There are three factors that can cause that to happen. First, social marketing in organic will stop. Why? Because if the marketer can deliver a message to the audience, the marketer will not market or communicate the brand. Evidently, the brands from the main posts on their Facebook account are only able to reach 2% of their fans or followers.


Second, inventory of social media advertising is booming and becoming cheap. This means that many social sites to interact with many netizens through many ads. Third, marketers discuss increasing their social advertising spending. Evidently, in 2015, social marketers have increased their social media advertising spending. Only 10% claimed that their advertising for social expenses was lower than the previous year.


Relying on facts, we can recommend that social marketers have time to separate between "social" (which is actually not paid) and the media (which is identical to paying advertising on social networks). That's why this team is not a social media team. The media team is the person who must control the budget or spend on social advertising on social networks. This is because the media team knows very well where they must submit management of social advertising to experts.


The story of ads that appear on social networks is no longer a promising relationship or involvement (involved). In fact, social sites have opened up marketing programs like that again, targeting behavior, and low costs per acquisition. That is why the most successful Facebook advertisers, such as top-100 commerce Choxi, say they are now handing over their social media advertising budgets to teams that manage the appearance and payment of their advertisements.


Forrester Research also shows that social media advertising can perform better than other platforms. Based on the survey, 78% of social marketers told Forrester that they were very satisfied or quite satisfied with the value of Facebook ads. Furthermore, it was followed by LinkedIn with 68%, 66%, Twitter and YouTube for 65%. Facebook also attracts a large advertiser base.


Meanwhile, Facebook still outperforms other social media. About 82% of social marketers buy advertisements on Facebook. Compare with Twitter, which is only 62%, 50%, YouTube and LinkedIn, which is only 31%. While Pinterest and Instagram still have to work hard to improve the performance of your ads and attract advertisers. That's why paid social media advertising can be said to be effective. The implementation of advertisements that are considered easier but can generate considerable profits, as well as benefits for a business in the long term in the future.


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